Providing services such as domain name registration can be extremely profitable. Becoming a domain name registrar is a great solution for webmasters registering many domains and a great money making opportunity for anyone on the web.

How domain name reselling works

There are many domain name registrars that offer reseller programs to an individual or business who wish to sign up for this. If accepted, they can register domains at a lower price through their parent registrar and can resell them to the customers. Normally, the initial registrar will still take care of the services like registration and customer support.

The domain name reseller basically just drums up more business for the registrar. Even though the buyer pays the reseller and may even access the domain name control panel at the reseller’s site, the domain name is actually registered with the domain name reseller’s parent registrar.

Diving down prices

Domain name resellers are able to provide prices for the domains and pass along the savings to the customers. Domain name resellers have become very successful by offering cheap prices and the competition among the resellers has driven the prices to a point which is much lower and the prices are still dropping.

Domain name reseller

Many people often think of becoming a domain name reseller and it is a very simple procedure to become one. The term reseller refers to a firm or individual who purchases goods and services with an intention of reselling them to make profit. Domain name resellers are individuals or companies who act as agents for ICANN accredited registrars. They either sell to make profit or for commission. Domain name resellers are the companies and individuals engaged in selling their own domain names. The working of a domain name reseller should not be mixed with that of a speculator in any way as the working is entirely different. Reselling domain names is a low cost method to make an entrance in the domain name market and to be a domain name reseller it is compulsory to have an ICANN certification. Once a company is an accredited provider, domain name resellers have access to lower cost registrations.

Significance of domain name reselling

Domain name reselling provides an additional service to attract and keep the clients as well other sources of recurring revenue. Various domain name registration services either offer domain name reselling services or bundle it with more services to keep the customers happy.

Features of domain name reselling programs

When you are a domain name reseller, the clients usually register domain names using the service accessed through the domain name reseller account. Almost all domain name reselling companies offer a reseller API (Application Programming interface), which enables a domain name reseller to use all the features of the domain name reselling program.

There are quite a few things that must be looked into carefully, before getting into the business of domain name reselling or to get the services of a domain name reseller or registrar. One must always make sure that the domain name reseller is accredited before employing his services.