Your computer is identified with an IP address on the internet. Domain names are given to provide identity to a particular computer. As a person is recognized by his name so a computer is recognized by an IP address. IP addresses have got numbers such as 234.890.11.908 and it is not really possible for someone to remember these sets of numbers whenever they need to look up something on the internet. Domain names were brought in to solve this particular problem. Every domain name possesses a meaningful string followed by a particular word.

Now where do sub domains enter the picture? Sub domains are fractions of particular domains. They are relatively dependent on domain names. Consider this example; suppose, you are offered a large piece of cake and you can not eat that large a cake. You will cut that cake into pieces so that you can eat it properly. Similarly, the domain names are divided into different sections. Each section is a sub domain. Sometimes the term sub domain can be exchanged with a term called ‘vanity domain’. One thing should always be kept in mind that the combination of top domain and sub domain makes a complete domain name.

An interesting thing about domain names is that domain names enjoy a unique status and sub domain is an important part of the primary domain. A sub domain is also one of the most important ways to get maximum exposure on the internet as domain names provide a unique status to your website.

If you want to create a sub domain you can refer to a Web Hosting Control Panel. This will increase your chances of getting a higher ranking on search engines. Sub domain is an important aspect for search engine optimization. Sub domains also cut your cost to a great extent. By using a sub domain you can create multiple websites, as well.

Domain names are best known for offering maximum flexibility and due to this diverse IP addresses can easily be assigned to particular IP address. In other words, one can say that a sole server can perform multiple tasks depending on the requirement.

Several individuals can also use the same IP address. Here are some examples of domain names:





The creation of sub domain is very simple and any person can create a sub domain. It does not really require technical dexterity or advanced software. The concept of reselling is associated with domain name and domain name can also be renewed after a certain time period. Using DNS server, one can create a sub domain and in this case, one does not have to use the services of a domain registrar. Domain names provide an identity to particular websites so that they can be identified easily on the internet. Sub domains are the fractions of larger domain names and the top level domain that comprise the whole unit of a domain name. These help define specific sections of a website and help guide a visitor accordingly.